Many years ago I remember my sister trying to convince me that I was adopted. She told me that when I was younger I had big ears, a tail and that I was in essence,  a relative of Mickey Mouse. It should have come as no surprise to anyone when, at the ripe old age of seven, I decided to become an animator.

Fourteen years later I did become an animator, getting my first animation job in the early days of Flash TV animation, on “John Callahan’s Quads!”.

After that production I had the good fortune to go back to university to complete my Masters in Animation and Interactive Media. Sidenote- if you ever want to know about the potential correlation between character design and the target age demographics of animation productions for both television and feature film, I’m your man.

Since that time I have worked on various television series and short film projects. In 2010 I decided to expand my skills to include 3D animation and commenced study at Animation Mentor, finishing my Diploma in Advanced Studies in Character Animation the following year.

Through the years I have worked in many different programs including Maya, 3DS Max, Flash, Toon Boom and After Effects. I have been lucky enough to work on such productions as Dogstar, Polly Pocket and the award winning short film Box.

Although I am inspired by many forms of art, animation is still my passion as there is always more to discover.

And while I think my ears may still be too big for my head, no tail has turned up, yet.